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Psychophysiology is the branch of physiology that is concerned with the relationship between mental (psyche) and physical (physiological) processes; it is the scientific study of the interaction between mind and body. The field of psychophysiology draws upon the work of physicians, psychologists, biochemists, neurologists, engineers, and other scientists.

A psychophysiological disorder is characterized by physical symptoms that are partly induced by emotional factors. Some of the more common emotional states responsible in forming illness include; anxiety, stress, and fear. Common psychosomatic ailments include migraine headaches, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and heart disease.

The field of psychophysiology is leading the way to an ongoing investigation into the intricacies of the mind/body relationship. Applied psychophysiology focuses on the effects of emotional states on the central nervous system, by observing and recording data on such physiological processes as sleep rhythms, heart rate, gastrointestinal functioning, immune response, and brain function. In an effort to quantify the effectiveness of different treatment techniques, the science of psychophysiology is being applied to many areas of alternative medicine, from psychotherapy and hypnosis to bodywork and meditation. Studies of the effects of emotional states on various physiological processes abound. For instance, it has been shown that there is a relation between loneliness and heart disease, as well as a connection between post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

When stresses, traumas, or debilitating emotional states are present, individuals may experience physiological unrest. For example, if an individual with a known allergy to bee stings receives such a sting, the natural reaction could be panic. As a result of this psychological response, blood pressure and heart rate increase, digestive functions decrease, and the person becomes dizzy. If emotional stresses or traumas of this kind remain in the body/mind for extended periods of time, an imbalance in the healthy system may eventually manifest, as when individuals under chronic stress succumb to illness or disease. The field of psychophysiology is showing that the most effective treatments are those that address the emotional states of disease as well as the physical aspects.

Welcome to the Emotional & Mental Health Clinic where we can support you to:

- Manage uncontrolled chronic diseases and health challenges of unknown origin.

- Better understanding of the emotional and energetic blockages and how to manage them.
- Master some proven techniques and energy balancing that can improve wellness & health.
- Eliminate stress & anxiety and overcome negative emotions. 
- Having clearer thinking and efficient brain health.

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​                                                                  Moustafa Hassan
                                                                          B.Sc., M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D.
                                                                          Emotional Focused Therapist
                                                                          C/RNHP, B/NFB, EFT & CEPI

Inspiring minds, brightening souls, warming hearts and energizing bodies – are Moustafa’s passion to build up the soul-mind-heart-body connections and empowering juniors & adults to enhance and improve their wellbeing. After more than 20 years in the conventional healthcare and pharmaceutical fields, Moustafa had this moment of life transformation at which he decided to change his profession & career five years ago, when he realized that his life purpose and ultimate goal is “To Spread Love, and To Help & Support People” which inspired him to start his new journey in Psychophysiology, Emotional Therapy and Energy Medicine. His interests, education and knowledge bound to guide him through this new professional environment.

He is enjoying practicing his life passion as a Psychophysiology/ BFB/NFB Specialist, Emotional Focused Therapist, Certified/Registered Natural Health Practitioner and Energy Medicine Specialist, utilizing the knowledge acquired and the skills developed during his 5-year Canadian practice and more than 25 years in the healthcare consultation & counseling, to contribute to the welfare of the people, by means of emotional health & non-invasive natural approach, supporting them on the physical/emotional/mental & spiritual levels.

Moustafa is a scientist and researcher by nature, he earned his Bachelor & Masters degrees in Clinical Biochemistry in 1992 & 1998 respectively; M.B.A. in 2003; and a Doctorate Degree in Healthcare Communication & Medico-Marketing in 2010.
He started his career in Pfizer Pharmaceutical where he spent 10 years with regional responsibilities. After that, he launched his multinational Healthcare Consultancy Firm "DMC Healthcare Inc."” in 1998, where he was the strategic consultant for most of the pharmaceutical multinational companies across the globe. He received many international awards as "best practice" in the healthcare communication and medico-marketing field, and was awarded "Best Healthcare Communication & Medico-Marketing Practice Award - Worldwide" from USA in 2007.

In 2010, he started his journey in psychophysiology (the study of correlations between the mind, behavior and bodily mechanisms) and emotional focused therapy (psychotherapy) where he enjoyed his life passion to help people overcoming their healthcare challenges. He completed his latest studies & certification programs in Psychophysiology, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Emotional Focus Therapy, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and many others in Canada & US during the past 5 years. Moustafa is the founder of EM Clinic (Emotional & Mental Health Clinic) and Quantum Biomedicine Health Clinic in Ontario – Canada, since 2012.

Moustafa is a certified/registered practitioner/medical consultant in;                         

Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Bio-Electromagnetic Therapy, Frequency Therapy, Reiki Therapy (Master 6th generation), Biologically Based Practice, Clinical Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Light/Color therapy, Sound & Music Therapy and Vibroacoustic therapy. He is proficient in applying the highlighted modalities for the management of many health disorders.

Moustafa supported hundreds of clients suffered from: physical & emotional stress, traumas, anxiety, SAD, insomnia & sleep disorder, phobias, difficulties with attention and (ADD & ADHD), learning challenges, low energy, adrenal fatigue, IBS & digestive challenges, thyroid dysfunction, over active bladder and chronic fatigue syndrome, pain management, musculoskeletal conditions and metabolism management.
Also, he volunteers with many disciplines to support juniors with learning challenges, ADD and ADHD.

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