Your child may benefit from consulting our professionals in the following cases:

- Your child is gifted
- Social anxiety and isolation
- Low self-esteem and unhappiness
- Relationship & friendship challenges
- Teenage stress and mood swings
- Sadness and traumatic life events 
- Learning difficulties and developmental issues
- Parent-Child conflict
- School bullying and/or aggressiveness
- Low energy and physical complaints
- Appetite concerns and/or eating disorders

Our professional healthcare practitioners are dedicating their best efforts to build up a unique connection through which we can understand your kids' challenges in many dimensions.
Inspiring minds, brightening souls, warming hearts, and energizing bodies are our main strategies towards better health, overall 
well-being and positive lifestyle. 

Our gifted healers/professional healthcare practitioners, proven scientific modalities/approaches and approved medical devices can help kids and teenagers (at any age) in:
- Anxiety, social challenges and phobias
- Emotional stress and traumas
- Difficulties with attention (ADD & ADHD)
- Insomnia and sleep disorders
- Weight management

- Pain management


biologically based practice

Anxiety & Emotional Stress

Welcome to the Emotional & Mental Health Clinic for Juniors, where we can assist in:

- Empowering children and young adults to be in control of their health and well-being
- Better understanding of the emotional and energetic blockages and how to manage them
- Learning some energy techniques and balancing that can improve wellness & health
- Eliminate stress & anxiety and overcome negative emotions 
- Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence

- Having clearer thinking and efficient learning

clinical &



energy psycHology

Bioelectromagnetic & biofeedback

Emotional focusSed therapy

Difficulties with Attention & Learning Challenges

Low Energy & Physical Complaints

We believe, we can..

Inspire Minds, Brighten Souls,Warm Hearts and Energize Bodies

if your loved ones have the following challenges,

We can help with

non-invasive modalities

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sound & music therapy

light and color therapy


Strengthening The Emotional & Physical Competence

The ability of young children to manage their emotions and behaviors and to make meaningful friendships is an important prerequisite for school readiness and academic success.

Socially competent children are also more academically successful and poor social skills are a strong predictor of academic failure.

Skills such as emotional literacy, empathy or perspective taking, friendship and communication skills, anger management, interpersonal problem solving, and how to be successful at school are crucial. Our services were designed to increase the social, emotional, and academic competence, and decrease problem behaviors of all children and teenagers.
Also, the foundation of energy medicine to healthcare established that our physical bodies are comprised of various energy fields and energy systems. It was discovered that the human body has a subtle bio-energy system made up of energy conduits called meridians. These meridians are interconnected in ways that allow the flow of energy, to move throughout the body from one meridian to another. Disruptions to the flow of energy created by blockages in any of the meridians can result in illness and disease. The flow and balance of life energies are necessary for maintaining health and there are tools to restore them. 
Energy medicine is an approach to healing that treats the subtle energy patterns of the body in order to ease the unpleasant and painful symptoms of illness. A gentle, non-invasive, which does not interfere with conventional treatments in any way. Many clients have reported that energy medicine has brought relief from specific symptoms and has improved appetite, mood, sleep patterns and vitality, thus enhancing their quality of life.

Sleep Disorders