The inherent relationship between mind and body dictates that energy medicine practitioners presented with the client's physical complaints often encounter the same client's emotional issues. By working directly with the body's energy systems, the practitioner is able to simultaneously resolve physical and emotional blocks to healing.


Early maltreatment can significantly alter a child’s normal developmental arc and leave the victim with significant long-term impairments. An increasing body of evidence documents the robust relationship between adverse experiences in early childhood and a host of complications, both medical and psychological, that manifest throughout childhood and later in adult life.  



Children with a history of abuse, neglect, or abandonment may present with symptoms including anger, aggressive behaviors, depression, or difficulties sustaining attention.

Left untreated, internalizing problems, such as a depressive or anxious mood, negative self-perceptions, and emotional distress, can undermine one’s ability to succeed in school, live a healthy lifestyle, form and maintain close relationships with others, and, in general, accomplish life goals. 

The term “internalizing problems” refers to problems or disorders of emotion or mood caused by difficulties regulating negative emotions. Internalizing problems may manifest as shy or withdrawn behavior, frequent worrying, self-denigrating comments, and low self-confidence. 

Children’s knowledge about emotions and the way they express and regulate their own emotions are key aspects of emotional competence, and provide some of the basic skills that assist children in developing prosocial behavior and social relationships. Children should learn skills that assist them in expressing, moderating, and managing their own affect, while developing knowledge about how to respond to situations where emotions are involved.

Our "Emotional Focussed Therapy" approaches will help to increase the social, emotional, and academic competence, and decrease problem behaviors of you beloved ones.

On the physical health
- A body that feels light and balanced
- Having higher energy and vitality
- A stronger immune system
- Ability to meet physical challenges
- Feeling grounded

On the mental health
- Optimism and positive attitude
- More concentration and mental well-being
- Peace of mind and contentment
- Love what he/she does and do what he/she loves

On the emotional health
- Self-acceptance and high self-esteem
- Confronting the greatest fears
- Capacity to identify, express, experience, and 
accept all of the feelings, both painful and joyful

On the spiritual health
- Gratitude and appreciation
- Experience of unconditional love/absence of fear
- Trust in one's intuition and a willingness to change

On the social health
- Forgiveness
- Ability to take the initiatives 

- Stronger friendships

Strengthening The Emotional & Physical Competence

The ability of young children to manage their emotions and behaviors and to make meaningful friendships is an important prerequisite for school readiness and academic success.
Socially competent children are also more academically successful and poor social skills are a strong predictor of academic failure. 
Skills such as emotional literacy, empathy or perspective taking, friendship and communication skills, anger management, interpersonal problem solving, and how to be successful at school are crucial. Our services were designed to increase the social, emotional, and academic competence, and decrease problem behaviors of all children and teenagers.

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