Therapeutic and healing expected outcomes:  

- Empowering children and young adults to be in control of their health and well-being

- Better understanding of the emotional and energetic blockages and how to manage them

- Learning some energy techniques and balancing that can improve wellness & health

- Eliminate stress & anxiety and overcome negative emotions 

- Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence

- Having clearer thinking and efficient learning

EMClinic Juniors (Emotional & Mental Health) is the first specialized clinic to support kids and teenagers with an evidence-based practice using scientific assessment tools, biofeedback, neurofeedback, emotional therapy, energy medicine and other supportive modalities.

Signs that should be considered to consult our professionals:
- Social anxiety and isolation
- Low self-esteem and unhappiness
- Relationship & friendship challenges
- Teenage stress and mood swings
- Sadness and traumatic life events 
- Learning difficulties and developmental issues
- Parent-Child conflict
- School bullying and/or aggressiveness
- Low energy and physical complaints
- Appetite concerns and/or eating disorders


Shel Sliverstein

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What's next? 

- According to the initial assessment, highlighted challenges and therapeutic plan, we will develop a protocol and plan of action to be applied for 12 - 15 weeks

- Your kid will be engaged in one-one sessions with one of our professional healthcare practitioners and therapists for 90 minutes on weekly basis  

- According to the case and kid progress, we will advise you how many sessions needed - most of the clients have an average of 10 - 15 sessions

- Our professional team might use the following "Natural - Non-Invasive" modalities to reach the best attainable therapeutic achievements:

   a) Emotional Focussed Therapy (Psychotherapy)

   b) Psychophysiology (Biofeedback & Neurofeedback)

   c) Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology

   d) Music/Sound & Vibroacoustic Therapy 

   e) Bioelectromagnetic Therapy

   f) Clinical Therapeutic Aromatherapy

   g) Biologically Based Practice

   h) Light and Color Therapy

   i) Counseling and Coaching

What should you expect in the first visit           (90 minutes):

- A general information about the current challenges and major objectives

- Orientation session highlighting the scanning procedures, case management strategies and therapeutic plan of action

- A comprehensive analysis of the client emotional, energy and health biofeedback parameters

Inspiring minds, brightening souls, warming hearts, 
and energizing bodies are our main strategies towards better health, overall well-being and positive lifestyle. 

Our professional healthcare practitioners and proven scientific
non-invasive modalities/approaches can help kids and teenagers (at any age) to overcome:

- Anxiety, social challenges and phobias

- Emotional stress and traumas

- Difficulties with attention (ADD & ADHD)

- Insomnia and sleep disorders

- Weight management

- Pain management