Do you want to revitalize and empower yourself  with life energy? 
Are you ready to rediscover yourself? Would you like to open up to your spiritual connection & guidance so you can redraw your life journey?
Are you ready to let go of your old baggage that has hindered you from achieving your maximum potential and release your dreams?   
If so, join us on these transformational retreats. Reconnect yourself with the “most powerful” world spots of energetic nurturance of Mother Earth’s NEMFs (natural electro-magnetic fields). Connect to the wisdom and explore the possibilities of the next level of rejuvenation, healing, inner peace, joy & happiness.
Come and start your “Healing Journey” NOW….

Mind & Heart Healing Retreats is the first worldwide initiative for Mind & Heart Healing Journeys and Retreats at the earth's energy centers, vortexes and chakras of the world, based on the energy medicine scientific approaches & quantum biomedicine health practice using proven clinical methodology, certified devices & tools. This professional support under the patronage of professional certified/registered healthcare practitioners and natural medicine doctors from Royal Academy Life Sciences, Quantum Biomedicine Health Clinic and EMClinic with the logistics support of CanWorld Travel. 

 Our healing journeys are your best way to rejuvenate, heal and escape from a stressful demanding life to a well-planned retreat of natural healing.
The healing journey will start from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (special regional arrangements will be considered for those outside Ontario, Canada) - where our patronage healthcare partners will offer you the following professional services prior to our trip (sessions to be completed at the clinic);
- Full biofeedback & energy scanning (your chakras, auras & organs).
- Full Quantum Magnetic Resonance (QMRA) and 3D Non-Linear Analysis of your systems, biochemistry and cellular functions (2 hours inclusive).
- Two Coaching & Energy Medicine session (including PEMF therapy, Sound/Music therapy, Light/Color therapy)
- Full protocol
- Healing and exercise sessions before traveling & on site.
Your healing retreat trip is "all inclusive" all costs and fees are covered; 
- International and Domestic flights.
- Transportation, hotels, meals and sightseeing locations' fees.
- Tour guidance and sightseeing.  

Our main strategies are focusing on supporting you with happiness,

health, and harmony.

Using many non-invasive modalities, we can help to improve your overall health, sharpen your mind, and increase

your joy and vitality.

Hippocrates, 400BC

Inspiring Minds, Brightening Souls,Warming Hearts and Energizing Bodies

DISCLAIMER: The content of the website is not intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical advice, and it is not used for diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your own physician or medical specialist regarding any medical questions or conditions.

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"Multidimensional Outcomes

are Expected"

After the healing & therapeutic sessions, the outcomes are multidimensional in which you might see changes on many levels

Our PROFESSIONAL healthcare practitioners AND proven scientific NON-INVASIVE modalities can help you TO MANAGE:

  • Chronic and degenerative diseases management
  • Acute and chronic pain management
  • Skin health & dermatological conditions
  • Brain health & memory disorders
  • Bone and muscles health 
  • Physical and emotional stress
  • Mind-Soul-Body integration
  • Anxiety and SAD 
  • Sleep disorders
  • Weight management